Q. What kind of glue do you use?

We are VERY particular about the glue we use.  We have 2 kinds, and they’re all 100% made in Japan. The glue manufacturers work in close collaboration with medical and dental glue manufacturers to get the best, strongest, safest product available.

Q. How long will my eyeleash extensions last?

Normally, you will lose half of the extensions in 3 weeks. It could be shorter, it could be longer. It depends entirely on the person. Every person has different cycle of eyelash growth and loss. Every person has a different lifestyle and treats their extensions differently.

Q. How can I take care of the extensions so that they’ll last longer?

Don’t sleep face down. Don’t touch or rub your eyes. Use oil-free beauty products around your eyes (staying away from any mascara if possible).  Avoid allowing hot air (i.e. from hair dryer, oven, boiling pot) to reach your face. Never curl your lashes if wearing eyelash extensions.  And most importantly don’t even think about getting them wet or damp in the first 12 to 24 hours after they’ve been applied.

Q. I’ve heard that my eyelashes will be damaged if I do eyelash extensions. Is it true?

It’s not true. Our technique doesn’t damage your lashes. However, rubbing your eyes may cause both the natural eyelash and eyelash extension to fall out. In this case the eyelash will need to grow out again completely.

Q. Who shouldn’t get eyelash extensions?

As mentioned above, anyone that’s inclined to sleep face-down or chronically rub their eyes is already facing an uphill battle. Anyone undergoing chemotherapy will likely lose their natural lashes — and with them any eyelash extensions. Also anyone that’s had eye surgery within the past six months should first ask their doctor.

Q. I have eyelash extensions from somewhere else. Do you touch them up?

Yes and no. We will touch up work done by another salon but we cannot offer touchup pricing for that work. (Our discounted touch-up pricing only applies to touching up our own work, and only if the previous appointment was within the last 21 calendar days.) So if you’re coming to us from a different salon, please feel free to make an appointment for your touch up (or some call it a fill) but you must select at minimum the Express treatment. We think you’ll find it’s priced inexpensively!

Q. I have eyelash extension from somewhere else. Do you remove them?

Yes. If your lashes can’t be combed through from base to tip, we may need to remove them.  There is an additional charge for removal.

Q. Why do you remove lashes if you can’t comb through?

Eyelash extensions must be applied individually. If not the extension may damage your eyelash and may cause other problems. And let’s face it, we can’t add lashes to our standards on top of poor work.

Q. I had a glue reaction before. What are my options?

Once you’ve had that reaction, its likely you’ll get the same reaction again. However we have 3 kinds of glue so we can try milder glues, using a patch test before doing the extensions. If you fit this profile, please contact us.

Q. What’s the story with Touch Up appointments?

Touch Up appointments are a special discounted appointment for customers returning no later than 21 calendar days following their last appointment. The pricing listed for Touch Up appointments on this website is for 80 pieces, however we will offer discounted pricing on larger Touch Ups as well.

Q. Can I extend my Touch Up window?

Unfortunately we cannot extend the Touch Up discount period beyond 21 days. In order for the discounted Touch Up rate to work from a business standpoint, we rely on the three-weeks-or-less frequency. If we can’t keep that balance, we will not be able to offer the discounted Touch Up rate in the future. We thank you for your kind understanding.