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Is your first visit to You Doll You Eyelash Extensions approaching?  A 90-second read through this page will have you ready to arrive like a seasoned pro.


Please double check with your email confirmation that you have the correct date and time.  It’s common that we see people walk through the door, excited to get underway with eyelash extensions, only to realize they’ve arrived on the wrong day!

If you’re a new customer with You Doll You, please expect that we’ll either text or call you on the morning of your appointment to confirm that everything is clear and that we’ll definitely be seeing you.  If we leave a message for you, it’s important that you reply in a timely manner.

Before your first appointment, be sure that you have already completed the electronic sign-off to our Consent & Release.  This can be done in less than a minute from any phone or web browser.

Can’t make the appointment?  We get it that schedules can change.  We only ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appointment.  There are fees associated with changes and cancellations that happen less than 24 hours before an appointment.  Read those details here.


Children must be supervised by an adult (who is not you) and capable of quietly sitting for an hour or more.  We strongly urge all customers to instead find appropriate care for their young ones either at home or at another location more suitable for children.

Checking In

We strongly recommend arriving with no eye makeup or mascara.  If you are coming with eye makeup or mascara, it is essential that you arrive early enough to thoroughly remove all of it prior to your start time.  We have makeup remover and cotton pads available for you to use.

If you have remaining questions about which service is the best for you, this is the time to discuss your options.  It’s important that we’re all on the right track before starting.

Lastly, your service will last at least one hour.  If you need to use the restroom, you’ll want to be sure to do so before starting.

During the Service

This is your time to relax and dream while your eyelashes are transformed.  Take your shoes off, lie back on the bed, and enjoy the music and peaceful atmosphere.  Please mute your mobile phone.  Plan on accepting no phone calls or texts during the procedure.  Talking while having eyelash extensions applied makes your stylist’s work very difficult.  Best thing to do is just sleep.

Checking Out

When the eyelash extensions have all been applied it’s time to rise from your slumber and enjoy the new look!  Your stylist will escort you back to the front desk where you can pay for your appointment using either Credit Card, Apple Pay, Venmo, or Cash.  You are also welcome to leave a gratuity using any of these payments types.  However, under no circumstances do we accept Personal Checks.

At this point you’ll also receive a Rewards card that pays back with nice discounts over continued visits.

Lastly, we want to make it easy and affordable to keep up your beautiful new look.  That’s why we offer discounted Touch-Up pricing for appointments that occur within 21 days of your last appointment.  If you would like to make that appointment before you leave, we’ll be happy to assist.


The most important thing to remember is to avoid contact with moisture in the first 12 to 24 hours.  That means no shower, and face washing should be done lightly with a sponge or cloth, taking great care to avoid the lashes.  After that period you may shower and wash your face as normal.  Avoid any oil-based makeup or oil-based makeup remover.  Avoid sources of high heat like a blow dryer or oven.  Ramen fan?  Might want to wait a few minutes to let that bowl cool before getting your face close to it.

Despite the most careful treatment, eyelash extensions (and the eyelashes that they’re attached to) do fall out.  Some may fall out within the first day or two.  That’s natural.  Those lashes were likely ready to fall out even before the extensions were applied.

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